Charlene Hewat: Executive Director of Environment Africa, Zimbabwe
Tadashi Inamoto: President of Oak Village, Japan
Chikashi Kinjo: Lawyer, Political/Peace Activist, Okinawa
Avon Mattison: President of Pathways of Peace, United States
Koichi Nakatani: Environmental Activist, Japan
Akihiko Ozeki: President of Real Produce, Japan
Jeunesse Park: CEO of Food and Trees for Africa, South Africa
Dr. Merrin Pearse: Ecopreneur, New Zealand & China
Kiyoshi Shikita: Chaiman of Earthday Tokyo, President of BeGood Cafe, Japan
Genichiro Shiosaka: Member, Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly, Japan
Paul Sihon: Musician, Composer, United States
Charles Spencer: General Manager of Spencer Global Consulting, Chile
Joan Walley, MP: Member of Parliament, United Kingdom
Rob Wheeler: UN Representative of Global Eco Village Network, United States
Zandra Valenzuela Delgado: Lawyer, Chile