All my life I have loved the earth and as a child I wanted to explore the world, which I have now been doing for the last thirty five years. At first I traveled in search of the planet’s beauty during seven years at sea and then ten years as a chauffeur to the rich and famous, arranging the journeys of my employer, a friend of the British royal family, experiencing the finer things in life.

Along the way I discovered the magnificence of our home planet, and witnessed it’s environmental destruction, over the years growing more and more concerned about the destruction of the great forests. Places like the Amazon. In the mist of vast wealth and great luxury my life began to fall apart…

I had everything on the one hand, yet nothing on the other. The earth that I loved was being destroyed and I didn’t know what to do about it – after all, I left school at the age of fifteen and had no activism experience. Who would listen to me? Regardless, I decided to make the effort.