Picture of earthbag homeWe’re building our home in Patagonia, Chile and it’s going to be as environmental as possible. We are in a land of Cowboys and Pioneers and have the most spectacular view of nature…. forests, mountains, snow capped peaks, mighty rivers and more. The air is ever fresh, the waters pure, full of trout and salmon and the people are welcoming. But it’s Patagonia and not too far from the Antarctic and because of that, it can rather extreme – so building a home here is definitely on the pioneering side and requires a lot of ingenuity, patience, persistence and stamina. Our home is going to be made largely of Bags filled with the earth beneath our feet, which happens to be the most perfect mix -just dig it up, fill the bags and lay them down. Easier said than done, but the concepts simple and when we’re done we should have a highly economical home, saving natural resources, utilizing alternative energies and living off the grid.

You can follow the whole experience on our internet community OUR LITTLE THING and if you are feeling adventurous you may even consider coming down and joining us for awhile – to practice new and interesting ways of construction that have minimum impact on our planet.

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